Sunday, 30 December 2012

Notable Women of 2012- Balpreet Kaur (Part Two of Five)

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Balpreet Kaur is an Ohio State University sophomore studying neuroscience and psychology. She's also a baptized Sikh and follows the tenets of her faith, one of them being kesh or uncut hair. In September she was waiting in line at an airport, unaware that her picture was being taken. The picture was posted on Reddit and was followed by comments criticizing her appearance. When it started to go viral a friend told her what was
happening, and Balpreet joined Reddit to defend herself and her religion.

  She explained why she ignores societal views of physical beauty in favour of inner virtue, that by not worrying about her outward appearance she's able to better focus on actions that matter. Her short essay received an
outpouring of very positive support from thousands of people, even Cracked.com praised her for a "graceful and fresh" response. News of this started spreading out from feminist and web culture blogs. Four days later the person who originally posted the photo and criticized her wrote a heartfelt apology.

  We're impressed with the way Balpreet handled the criticism so gracefully. Instead of lashing back in anger she chose to educate people about her faith of which she is so rightfully proud, and a lot of people learned something in the process.

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  2. Thanks Heaven, this story was too inspiring not to share. Happy New Year to you too! x