Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Everything has to Start Somewhere

Welcome to our first post! If you've just stumbled across us feel free to take a look through the tabs at the top to learn a little more. We've created this blog to be a space in which we can interactively discuss a wide range of topics, where people can hopefully share without feeling judged or discriminated against.

In the months to come we plan on covering topics like:

  • GLBTQ awareness
  • Self harm and harm reduction
  • Bullying
  • Eating Disorders
  • Self image and self esteem 
  • Sexuality
  • Depression/anxiety
  • Suicide
  • Abuse/Domestic Violence
  • Mental Health issues ( ie. ADD/ADHD, bipolarism, OCD etc.) 
  • Relationships ( romantic, platonic, monogamous, poly)
  • Substance use/abuse, 

Though some of the topics we cover might be on the heavy side, this space is not limited to those 18 and over. We believe that people of all ages are affected by many of these issues and shouldn't be sheltered from learning more about them.

We'll be posting periodically so stay tuned! If you have any suggestions for topics you'd like to see covered, please leave us a comment or drop us an email. All messages will be answered.

- Leila and Barry


  1. This is exciting and I'm looking forward to your upcoming posts. Based on knowing Barry (and from what I've read about you, Leila) this seems like a perfect fit. I can't think of two better people in the blogosphere to kick off topics like these, which NEED to be discussed.

    Good luck!

  2. Jen, I'm very pleased that you're first to comment. You're exactly the kind of person I'm hoping will read our blog, someone who's open-minded, comfortable reading about and discussing heavy and controversial issues. I think you'll have a lot to contribute as I've also learned a lot from you through your journalism.

  3. Sounds like you have your work cut out for you! Those are some heavy topics. Would be interested to read how you handle them :) Good luck!!

  4. Thanks Caitlin, we're excited to see where this blog will go from here!

  5. I am so happy for this Barry. It's refreshing to see honest, real posts so this has been a sort of answer to a prayer. THANK-YOU for starting this you guys.


  6. Micaela thanks for your encouragement. We can't wait to see this blog grow! <3